I am interested in security and privacy. In particular, I am exploring cryptography, formal verification and distributed systems.

Columbia University. I am working on differential privacy for machine learning workloads with Roxana Geambasu. I follow the cryptography research group led by Tal Malkin. I also worked on bulletproof hosting from a tech, policy and legal perspective (preprint available soon).

The University of Sydney. Recently, I have been part of the Concurrent Systems Research Group at the University of Sydney, where I studied two main areas:

  • Formal verification of blockchain Byzantine fault tolerance, with Vincent Gramoli (paper).
  • Cross-chain payment protocols with success guarantees, with Rob van Glabbeek and Vincent Gramoli (paper).

Inria and Ecole Polytechnique. Previously, I also briefly worked with Pierre-Yves Strub on formal verification of cryptographic primitives at Inria Paris-Saclay. We studied how to implement composability in the EasyCrypt proof assistant with Ueli Maurer’s constructive cryptography.