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Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

R. van Glabbeek, V. Gramoli, and P. Tholoniat, “Feasibility of Cross-Chain Payment with Success Guarantees”, in Proceedings of the 32nd ACM Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures, ser. SPAA ’20, New York, NY, USA: Association for Computing Machinery, Jul. 6, 2020,pp. 579–581,isbn: 978-1-4503-6935-0.

Peer-reviewed workshop papers

P. Tholoniat and I. Chai, “Bulletproof hosting: Ecosystem and registry-based approaches”, in Student Symposium in Cybersecurity Policy, Boston, MA, USA: Tufts University, 2020.

P. Tholoniat and V. Gramoli, “Formal verification of blockchain byzantine fault tolerance”, in 6th Workshop on Formal Reasoning in Distributed Algorithms (FRIDA’19), 2019.

Technical reports

R. van Glabbeek, V. Gramoli, and P. Tholoniat, Cross-chain payment protocols with success guarantees, 2019. arXiv: 1912.04513[cs.DC]